Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Blog, and NEW PAINTINGS!

I HAVE COMPLETED TWO NEW PAINTINGS!! I CAN'T WAIT TO LIST THEM ( I will probably list one, and keep the other-I really like her). I am working on a new blog. I changed my eBay user name to "earth**angel". My new blog will have recycling links, and of course links to artist. I love to create things made from old stuff. The new paintings are painted on recycled scrap lumber. They were the top for an old base cabinet. I cut them with my jigsaw, and painted them--Presto, they are new again! I will have pics. coming soon. I love the work of "lovellaranch". She is inspired me. I hope to have a cherub done within a week or so.

I am working on dolls today. I am really getting excited about art again. It truely is my inner soul and spirit at work when I start creating.


  1. I can't wait to see them either, Michelle. And a new blog...?

  2. STJ was here! We finally made it to check out your linking badge this month. Door Prize Winners announced on blog soon (from the 13th update). Hope you win!